Saturday, September 24, 2011

halloween fun!!

 i got these letters from joanns and spray painted them black
 these pom pom balls are really cute draped across a mantle or shelf.  i found these at walmart. i also did some sequence and then hung spiders in between

Friday, September 23, 2011

white chocolate strawberry celebration cake

some things i learned from making this cake:
-edible pearls are beautiful on cakes!
-you can buy little "texture" tool to drag around your cake and make it look fancy
-you can buy glazes!! i had a lot more control than a homemade ganache
-4 layers looks amazing!!
-you can buy whitening dye to make your frosting super white

Monday, September 12, 2011

happy fall pillows!

well here goes my first DIY post!!  im pretty excited:) these pillows were really easy to make.
-measured each pillow and then added and inch for some "wiggle" sewing room for the front. 
-then for the back i add about 8in across the width because it needs to overlap in the back to create your "slip-in cover."
-cut this back piece in half and now you have your overlap pieces (you'll want to hem the outer piece of material that is going to show when you turn it right-side out) 
-now face the "insides" to eachother matching the back 2 pieces to be the same size as the front
-pin and sew around the whole thing
-then turn rightside out and push the corners out good
*wala you have a cheap homemade slipcover that you can make for any occasion!!
for these pillow i used a canvas tarp from the painting section that i bought from Lowes. make sure to wash it first.  the orange poka dot is amy butler and the orange paisley print is from joanns.
i used felt to make the pumpkin and the & sign.  I used chalk to draw on the felt before i cut it out.
have fun making yours!!